Adult Carnival Bands / Mas Camps


 The Best of the Best for your 2010 Carnival experience!

  Tribe - (2010 - The Secret of Silk)

  Mas Jumbies - (2010 - J'ouvert with a difference)

  Island People - (2010 - Kutchela)

  Trini Revellers - (2010 - Festivals of the world)

  Dkrewe - (2010 - Salvje)

  Mac Farlanes - (2010 - Resurrection)

  Dream Team T&T (2010 - Gems of the world)

   Genesis (2010 - The Desert)

   Wee International  (2010 - Tesoros Del Caribe)

   Rugeri Promotions www.rugeri.50webs (2010 - Boi Bumba)

   Trevor Wallace (2010 - Fire & Ice)


  Ooutraje - (2009 - The Begining)

Children's Carnival Bands


 The Best of the Best for your 2009 Carnival experience!

  The Forbidden City - (2009 - Spoilt Rotten Kids)


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What is Carnival?
Introduced to Trinidad in the late 1700s by the French, Carnival evolved from the elaborate masquerade balls to the present spectacle of the streets. With each new group of immigrants adding its own touch, Carnival blossomed into a nationwide party, with calypso and steel pan music reflecting the country's multi-ethnic nature. Carnival today includes influences from all creeds, races and classes and has spread beyond the shores of this twin island nation.

When is Trinidad & Tobago Carnival for 2010?
The 15th February 16th February of 2010

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